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Family Law

Family Law

Divorce and other family law problems are among the most emotional issues that many people will face in their lifetime. Nobody heads into a marriage expecting to file for divorce someday. Everyone naturally assumes their spouse will be fair about the children and property. When the papers are served, though, cooler heads don't always prevail. Your attorney will play an important role in protecting your interests while guiding you to an equitable settlement that will be best for your long-term future.

Albano, Richart, Welch & Bajackson, LLC is one of the leading family law firms in Independence, Missouri. Attorney Michael Albano was one of two attorneys charged with writing the current Dissolution of Marriage Act for Missouri. We are experienced in negotiating fair property and child custody arrangements and we will never lead you toward an unreasonable expectation that a judge won't accept.

We provide a full range of Missouri family law services, including:

  • Divorce

  • Marital property valuation and settlements

  • Child custody, child support and visitation

  • Paternity

  • Prenuptial agreements

  • Post-judgment modifications

  • Mediation services

  • Adoption

  • Restraining Orders and Contempt of Court

  • Family Access

Experienced family law attorneys know the only way to get the right outcome for a client is to communicate well and work as a team toward a realistic goal. At Albano, Richart, Welch & Bajackson, LLC, you will find our staff responsive to your needs and concerns and compassionate about your situation. We will expect you to participate in the process by having realistic expectations and a commitment to your case. By working together, we will help you get the resolution that meets your needs.

Our family law services include dissolution, modification, paternity establishment, guardianship, adoption, mediation, family access matters, restraining orders, and contempt of court.



There are times when a loved one’s capacity may be temporarily at issue, and there are times when long-term help or care of a loved one may be needed.  Helping navigate those often confusing situations is often at the heart of establishing guardianships for both adults as well as minor children.

In a day and age when families are made up quite differently than they were a few decades ago, guardianships may need to be established for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you find yourself raising a child that is not your own with no legal rights to enroll that child in school or take him/her to the doctor? What are your options for establishing stability for a child in a period of great change or turmoil?  Guardianship may very well be the answer and the attorneys at Albano, Richart, Welch & Bajackson, LLC can help you weigh your options to see what may fit best for you and your family, no matter whom you may consider to be “family.”

We provide assistance with probate matters including:

  • Minor Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • Adult Guardianships and Conservatorships

Our attorneys look forward to examining your particular situation to help you determine if guardianship may be the best fit for you.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Working To Get Your Charges Dismissed

If you've been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you are probably wondering what happens next. You will be faced with some tough decisions over the next several days, as the prosecutor tries to work toward a conviction. Before you talk to the police, make sure you speak with an experienced attorney who really knows how the system works.

Free Initial Consultation for Criminal Cases

Albano, Richart, Welch & Bajackson, LLC is one of western Missouri's most recognized legal names in criminal defense law firms. Our team of attorneys offers a unique combination of skill, integrity and experience as prosecutors. We are members of the Municipal Prosecutors Association. We use our experience and knowledge to provide intelligent, effective defense representation that is focused on your future and your freedom — not just arranging the best plea bargain.

Contact us as soon as possible after coming under investigation or being charged with a crime.

  • Drug charges

  • DUI and traffic violations

  • Theft, burglary, robbery

  • Domestic violence

  • Assault and violent crime

  • Sexual assault, sex crimes

  • Federal Sentencing Guideline consultation and sentencing memorandum

Our experience as prosecutors means we understand strategies from both sides of the courtroom. It also means that we have earned respect from the District Attorney and judges throughout the federal and state court system. Our proposals for a fair outcome are taken seriously.

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